My pinch of Luck II

Hello there. It’s a brand new week, calm Sunday with indecisive weather but I’m hoping you are doing great and ready to take on blessings and challenges (optimistically these are disguised blessings as well). So anyway I’m here to complete my story I’d embarked on last week. Yeah it’s taken a bit of a while. My writing psyche was low on gas and many other things but I’m here now.

So let’s recap what part I was all about: I was walking my own things and this gentleman stops me, he engaged me in some conversation and then ended up stealing my phone. I ran into him two months later and this is how it went…

I saw this gentleman engaging this lady in a conversation and she seemed to be half-heartedly lending him her ear. I was flabbergasted and thinking: “Oh my God, this is the same guy that conned me!”.

I’m not a timid person and well I’ve learned to take responsibility. I walked to them and looked him right in the eye, raised my voice and said: “You stole my phone.”

I saw the change of expressions on his face, from that animated look he had while conversing with this lady to a plastic smile of panic, shock and composure. I repeated my statement, more vigorous now. I was angry at that point, the shock pushed back. I turned to the lady and asked her if she knew him and negative, she didn’t. This gentleman now was trying to move back so I immediately turned to him. I see the lady walking away from the corner of my eye then I turn my full focus on him.

There were a few people around but this is a university campus, there is always drama going on and probably people hadn’t caught on about what was going on.

So he started walking away in quick steps, took rapid turns getting away from the people and I was getting angrier. I was recalling what had ensued a few months back. How he’d manipulated my femininity and kindness and how he was still doing it again. So I quickened my steps and threatened to shout out loud how he’d robbed my phone(in these premises, that is a very effective method of obtaining mob justice and for thieves, it’s usually live burns). He probably succumbed to my threats and stopped his rapid paces and then suddenly offered to pay me. You can’t blame me for not trusting a thief. And his sudden change of approach in this situation from escape to facing me threw me off and I was shaken for a minute. Luckily a bunch of people were walking towards us so I cried out for help.

Three men from the crowd hurried to us and asked what was going on. All I could say is that this man was a thief. Surprisingly Gentle-thief didn’t deny and two of the men grabbed him side by side.

A lot of me repeating how this gentleman stole my phone to many people happened and then a police officer was assigned to escort me and this thief to the university police station. I felt saved for a while being at the “police” but that didn’t last long. You see, the police here and probably the police in most places from what I’ve seen in the news and movies is very, get dysfunctional. There wasn’t a statement made, no “higher ups” were to know and this was to be a negotiation between the thief and I.

The negotiation was how much I wanted for my phone and then he’d be safely escorted out of the university “danger zone”. I was now past being shocked. I was numb with fear. Like what on Earth was going on! I hadn’t imagined it’d go this way(naive I know!) So I asked one of the policemen what would happen to the thief before I make negotiations and he told me there was t much to be done. If I were to proceed with the case to court,it’d waste my time and energy and he’d probably bail out and several other unclear things. So he advised me to take the money the thief had offered which BTW wasn’t even fully the worth of my phone. After a few moments of though(do not judge me) I accepted the negotiations well knowing that after that I’d leave and so would the thief. But the system wasn’t on my(public’s) side. I was on my own here. The thief seemed to feel at home at the police reception filled with a sense of assurance and a taint of arrogance. I was at a disadvantage and well, singlehandedly there was nothing I could do.

Hypocritically I took the money(not proud to say that) and left. The Gentle-thief was probably escorted to a safe haven and he’d continue with his work(as one of the police officers had stated) and painfully I walked away. Walked away worried, scared and exhausted. I learnt a couple of things that day: there isn’t much justice in the world or more to say this country, there is desperateness in the people that are to protect us that it’s not possible for them to protect us, a thief has 40 days but a thief can have many 40 days and anything can happen. There are so many possibilities in this world.

Anyway turns out that my pinch of Luck was a give and take situation for me. It had consequences. Something hurt, mixed feelings! And I saw the world in a different shade, a darker shade than what I’d been seeing it before. It wasn’t at all merry but at least I had closure for that and the Gentle-thief faced a couple of consequences to his calculated con on me. I’m not big on revenge but well, I’m not big on injustice either!


My Pinch of Luck (I)



Hello there. Hope this “month of love” is taking you on well. Well for me, I cannot complain much. I’m mostly alright.

So as it is February and almost Valentine’s day, well I’m not here to talk about love(either way I can’t say I’ve not had luck there 😉 I think I have) but to talk about a theft experience. Yeah that’s where my pinch of luck happened.

Living in Uganda, well most of us have experienced theft incidences, or may be witnessed or heard about them, which ever! I’m here to share mine.

So, this fateful evening as I’m walking with purpose(not an aimless walk), I run into this gentleman and he seems to be in dire need of help. I was in a hurry to reach my destination but what could hurt about scraping off a few minutes to help this well dressed gentleman(PS: I just like helping people, well dressed or not or probably used to). He is asking for directions and going on about how he needs someone to help him work in his store and engaging me in all this chit-chat. And somehow I’m listening to him with the notion that I have to be somewhere getting more distant in my mind. Anyway to cut the long story short, he is in hold of my phone and I’m thinking; “This guy’s taking my phone” and I actually ask it from him then he goes on about how the streets of Kampala are so unsafe and how trust is lost from the people and how this is all hurtful to him. If I really knew people lie so easily maybe I wouldn’t be telling this story but anyway all through this, I’m letting my guard down and eventually he takes it.My phone. How did he disappear? Well, we’re on a road and vehicles are taking their toll, its a busy evening. One second I’m closely watching him with my phone and the next I’m across the road without it. I do remember crossing the road right in front of a bus(I do not easily cross roads much less in front of a huge vehicle where I’m usually asuming the driver can’t even see me but somehow that evening I had all these guts). So anyway at the other end of the road, I turn back looking for his gentleman with my phone and yeah you can guess that, he is NO WHERE! Imagine how silly i felt after that. I mean, there is practically nothing you can do. Scream? No, he is already gone in that crowd of people, busy streets. You’d just look insane. Of course i crossed back to where I’d last stood with the man with a tiny bit of hope that he was still there waiting to hand me my phone(naive, right?!) but zilch. He was already gone.

I stand there heart-broken. Yes it hurt, it was just a phone, but it was mine. Mine. I’m possessive and sentimental (maybe a  little less now after these experiences) but to some extent who isn’t. If you’ve ever lost something that belonged to you especially to a thief then you can imagine. No matter the worth(ok it matters), once someone rudely takes away from you, you feel cheated, vengeful and full of regrets.

Regretting and feeling naive(read stupid) go hand in hand and it’s not a nice feeling. Well i had a somewhat sad evening but worry not my reader, i was comforted.

So the following day I report the case to the police and well this is a song to their ears, not melodious just a bit common. Nothing much they can do for me and slowly I begin my journey to get over my beautiful possession. With hope and faith, i hoped for the better and well, this conman thief, he’d have his day(wishful thinking!)

None of that so far potrays my pinch of luck. Well i did get another device and all but isn’t it sheer luck for me to run into this gentleman again. As neatly dressed as I remember and he is engaging another young lady not unlike myself in a conversation(I did talk to her later and it’s the same exact kind of conversation he had engaged me into that he was vilely feeding to her.)

So, guess what happens?

Will fill you in Part II of the story.

Feel free to share your experiences and any thoughts here!

Thank you for reading!


Need and worth!

So a second month of the year is setting in. It’s a great time to be alive! That’s not entirely true. There is always a lot of evil lurking everywhere in this world. But no matter, it’s a great thing to be alive. Even when we don’t live, there is always a chance to start that. And again there may be exhilarating events so let’s not all pick up this sombre mood I’m having today.

I’m not complaining or angry, sad maybe, hurt, I guess. I really can’t tell. There is that gut wrenching feeling, can’t describe it with a word, words maybe. If I had to be dramatic I would say my heart is chipping a little(not at all saying that people who use such terms are dramatic) but oh well that’s how it is. This is a feeling to do with the heart or the hormones we have that make us like certain people or expect things from these people. Or want them, actually need them to expect something from us.

I’ve always lived in a way that I never wanted anyone to expect anything from me. And then today it hit me that; that’s been a strategy(read “huge lie”) I’ve been giving myself to escape many situations especially those to do with the heart. Well I guess I’ve known it for a while now subconsciously maybe but today it manifested and in a way that tore at my heart(again the heart in the context of feelings not that muscular organ that pumps blood around).

So my revelation today (again I emphasize that I’ve known this in the past subconsciously) is that you can not love someone without wanting them to expect from you. Love without expectations, what’s that? I mean, leave alone all those things that come and go, that I’d call materialistic. There is that something(s) you need someone to expect from you. That you need to give. That something exclusive to you. Something you can do to feel relevant and today, I realised that if someone doesn’t expect from you then you’re nothing more than any other passersby. You’re of no(maybe little) worth to them and that, that there is one of the most painful things I’ve experienced. Feeling worthless.

Anyway now that I write that down, I guess it all comes down to trust, the urge to be needed, loyalty and those other things that make us feel so intimately attached to someone.

You can’t feel loved if you can’t feel needed and you can’t love someone if you’re not needed.

I guess loving someone comes with the part of trusting them with a part of you. Expecting and being expected from. Mutuality, respect and understanding. It could be much to ask at a given moment or point in time but I’ve learned never to underestimate the human mind(in this case that heart and probably body and soul), we learn, we adopt and we live no matter how long it takes. Living isn’t living without learning new things, living differently, taking risks (like expecting from people which could really cause a painful disappointment) and giving away that trust that makes us fragile and delicate. But again what’s life without a little pain? A fallacy!

The Constant Robber

It’s not been long in to the year. I hope it’s so far going well for you and if not, there is always hope for the better.

Well for me, I fall in the latter. The past week has been one of turmoil. Seeing the ones you love in pain and losing trust in one you held so dear. The greater pain than the former is losing someone to death and well disappointments, those come in many arches and angles.

I’ve known grief, I’ve felt it and I’ve gone through it and maybe still going. Through the denial, the guilt, the depression, the acceptance and the thrival. I can’t say it took me a week or a month or even a year. We never really get over the pain of death but we go through it when we accept and start to look up and hope for the best.

The two-sided face of grief is that you realise that you aren’t the only one who lost. And we only lose what we love. It’s a comfort for one that you know the deceased was loved not only by you but many others and it just makes things a tiny bit brighter that you are part of this network of love. I guess death does bring people together. But on the downside, these very people lost and the pain, sometimes etched on their faces, tears flow, memories are told and sometimes it’s hidden away in the chambers of their hearts. You feel like you want to make it better for them but then there is your own pain. And sometimes you can’t really understand what they’re going through because for everyone it’s different and you’re at a loss of words and a hinge of action. That helplessness tears at you.

Well for the ones that have loved, held dear and lost, it’s not easy to let go but I’m a believer of the after-life. And I think it’s better than this place. And we don’t always have to go through the grief alone. Sometimes there are people willing to share that pain with you. Yes to some it’s really personal and that’s their way and it’s alright. What matters is that you live through it and care for the ones you love and make more memories because in the end, these are priceless authentic treasures we can carry on for the rest of our lives for death is a constant phase and a robber of our dear ones.

The Year!

Hey there…hope the day is going well with you and well the year is ending. It would be awesome if the last moments of it are good if not great.

It’s been a while since I was last here but I thought I can’t let this year go without a word to it. So here I am to spending my last moments of 2017 revering through all the moments I’ve had within this year.

Each year of our lives is different, it adds (age most definitely), keeps or takes away something. That is the concept of time. The moments we go through define our next with the way we perceive and react to events.

This year has had so many memorable moments for me, so much has changed with me (I like to think it’s been mostly positive change), a lot has happened and a lot I have felt and learned.

Learning is a process that never ends, each year adds something to us, we grow, we understand more and certainly we change. We learn about ourselves, other people, the things around us, the different aspects of life and resolve for a better living. We learn our strengths, our weaknesses and things in between through the moments we go through and we decide how we live the next moments.

I’ve had challenges, moments of depression, sadness, loss, feelings of despair, pain and some of these leave marks. Even when it’s easier to let these marks define me and change me for the worst, I look at the other side of things, the amazing things, the blessings I’ve had and have and all I can do is hope to be a stronger and better person. It’s easier to change for the worst than for the better but at these times, there are those things that keep us hoping for the better. Hope, I guess is what keeps us going, not giving up on ourselves, the people we care about, humanity and the other things that matter(which I think is everything).

This year surely has been amazing and good to me. I’ve loved(I think more than I have ever before but I keep thinking that’s the way with life, the next is always more or better than the before, not sure. I’m yet to experience!). I have been loved, oh the feeling of being wanted, needed and cherished. It’s a feeling most of us crave and I think it’s our nature. Family and friends, the moments we share. Lovers, the dazzling moments we create, the things we experience, all this love, the hope and pleasure it gives makes our living worthwhile.

The success and achievements, personal or of the ones I care about, those that affect us, I’m thankful for and proud and happy to have been a part of it.

All in all, the year has been quick, a lot has happened good and bad, we have lost and gained, loved and loathed and so much other things but I’m always hopeful for the better. This wasn’t a bad year, I’m grateful for it. I’m glad to have shared it with you and I thank you for having been a part if it. I’ll gladly have you in 2018 and the many more years to come. We’ll go through the moments together, the good ones we enjoy, the bad we thrive and live on.

On that note, this is my last post this year and I wish you a hopeful and prosperous new year one where you’ll have more success and the good things, less of the bad where all resolutions and all your aspirations are realised.

Let’s enjoy and live.

Love,                                                                 Sarah. X

No Later!

It’s been a while since I was here. Well a lot has been going on (there is always something going on I know, even nothing is something) but anyway not yet ready to get into it all.

But it’s all that has been happening so fast that I realized something. There is no later. It is either now or never. Procrastination is a trait (read disease) most of us carry. You want to do something and you think, “Urgh, later!” but that later may never come. You want to say something, say it. You have a dream, start embarking on realizing it now.

“Time waits for no man”

And you’re not any different from that no man. Stop thinking that you have got all the time in the world. You don’t. don’t expect to start living later, live now. Don’t accept to feel later, feel now.

I’m not saying that do anything or everything at any notion (or maybe I am), I’m just saying that sometimes we have got to take risks. We have got to take a leap of faith to do that something we are afraid of or not accustomed to if it feels right. We don’t need to have all the cards laid out at the table, you never know what chance you have. We don’t usually like to live by chance but the uncertainties the world holds are far beyond us and sometimes all we need is to believe.

If you’re there and there is that something you’re holding back, postponing, it’s time you commenced upon it.


Send that appreciation note, make that apology, forgive those that hurt, call that long lost friend, love that dear one, enjoy your breath, live the moments, start the business, write down that first page of a book, open that file, open your heart and mind to the many possibilities out there. It is an endless list of the things we adjourn in our lives every day, every minute thinking that there is always later to do them but that is not guaranteed, that is a future we aren’t certain of. All we have is today and now, the present.



Note to a lifer!

Hey hey! This has caught me in a frenzy. It’s usually under distress that my mind goes whirling with words. 

Well today, this evening. I’ll just say something little. Not certain it will make much sense, but I feel like putting it out here.

In life(well mine, not sure what goes on in yours) we always stumble or come across challenges. Things that aren’t milk and honey (chocolate and cake for me, and yogurt) and we wonder what to do. Or how to jump over the huddle, cross this wild sea. We often feel negative vibes and distress. It’s all normal. We cannot always have what we what. Or can we!

It’s normal to feel that way, it’s actually fine. What isn’t is to decide to stay that way. We are people with consciousness. A conscious mind makes decisions. So what will you do? Stay around and mop, let it all get to you. Feel like it’s the end of the world. Feel like you can’t get through it. No that isn’t right. 

What gets things done is action. And to start doing something, you decide. You set your mind on that challenge. Think about it in all ways(some challenges are disguised blessings BTW) and then believe that you will find a way to get through it. Nothing especially the best things in life come easy(well some people are just too damn lucky but we’ll all that glitters is not gold). 

I can’t say that I have this many tips on how to get you going about something distressing you but I know the mind is the most powerful weapon a human has. If you have that intact then all you need is the positive attitude. Believe in you. Believe in your mind and open it to many possibilities on how to get on with whatever is ahead of you. 

If you believe, you can live!


So that will be all for today, well if I don’t get hitched on another deep thought!

All the best in whatever you have embarked on. It will go well. And I believe that.

Until next time 😉


Hello there. It’s been a while since I was here. Hope y’all doing great or somewhere near that.

Well I’m pretty much excited, it’s a touchy topic today and I’m that type. The goofy writers. Sometimes that is!

So my excitement, you could guess what could do that to a young lady like myself. ( *Giggles under her breath). Yeah you got that right. Has to do with men.

Well not necessarily men, relationships maybe but more specifically my future husband(who I do not know BTW) and I.

So this whole story caught(crossed my mind) me while I(alone) took a stroll this evening. It got me thinking that if I were to marry someone(Oh God, let it be the right one for me and one I’m right for- feel like that’s repetition there but oh well!). So this someone I’m to marry should know all the shades of me. They are probably not fifty. Haven’t counted. 

This brings us to the title of our story today, shady! I know the word itself is shady but that’s not what I mean. I mean that people are perfect. People are not always what you want them to be. What makes us human are all these imperfections that get all these humanity juices of forgiveness, care, nurture, creativity(name it all) flowing. It makes sense if you think about it. In a perfect world where we were all perfect, non of it would matter. It wouldn’t be significant. It wouldn’t exist. 

So back to the point, I ran across a post that got me thinking, well let’s see if I can get it onto here!

Yes, there!

Despite everything one might do, be all kinds of shades, if they do love you then it is worth it. It’s part of it. 

I’ll be all shades(kinds) of woman or female at some point. I’ll be a baby, I’ll be a toddler, I’ll be a teenager, I’ll be mature, I’ll be senile, I’ll be in between all that and I’ll want you to understand. I’ll need you to remember why we chose eachother. 

I’ll be happy, sad, moody, excited and all shades there is at any point in time.

I’ll be blue, grey, green(probably will need medical attention here), red, you do get the point but if I do love you that won’t matter.

 Dear future husband, I  do think love can conquer all. Well I also think love involves forgiveness, commitment, kindness, tolerance and all those happy nice things. I also think it can’t be perfect. And it doesn’t have to be. Don’t prove to be perfect. Prove to be you. And with all these imperfections, our humanities will strive, our love will forever stand and grow. Dear future husband, I don’t think I’m the easiest person to be with but never did the course of love run smooth(Shakespeare quote) but if we run it together; if you fall, I’ll catch you and as we run, hold my hand.

More than Just Trees!

Good afternoon!

12:45 checking in!

Hope this catches you well.

So today, I’ll be going on about how I love forests(not because it’s what I study! Well I’m studying a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Forestry and Products Technology! I know sounds cool!), but because they are important and they matter. 

So on this website, we’ll catch plenty about forestry (do tell when I suffocate you). And today I’m just generalising out some(wouldn’t exhaust them, many are still unknown even) of the importances of forests. And here I commence ;

  1. Carbon sequestration. Absorbing and storing carbon. This could be by the trees that absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into wood(trunk, branches and roots) and leaves and in the forest soils where this carbon stays bound up for a long long time(could be thousands of years!). With this evident, living forests are important for our(Earth’s) climate system.
  2. Conserving soil and water. By slowing run-off and allowing water to filter into the soil(forest soils have great properties BTW), they preserve ground water supplies(aquifers) that provide fres, pure and clean water for animals(you and I too) and other aquatic life in nearby streams. These streams in turn drain into bigger streams/rivers which flow into lakes/oceans( yeah you get the drill) keeping a fresh water supply in the world.
  3. Regulating climate. Forests play a role in weather especially rainfall patterns as well as the micro-climates. Also when planted strategically, trees are effective wind barriers and also provide a cooling effect “shade”. Compare a forested and bare area you’ve been to, different right!
  4.  Home to people. Approximately 300 million people around the world actively live in forests and depend on them directly for basic needs(food, medicine) and livelihoods.
  5. Habitats for mammalals, birds and arthropods. These forests are homes to almost half of the world’s species with some of the richest biodiversity found in tropical forests. Many of the rare and endangered species depend on some of these isolated forest and thus to conserve them(forests) is to conserve these species. This in turn sustains our ecosystem.
  6. Wood for furniture, lumber and energy. Trees can carry large volumes of wood which may be processed into furniture or other Woody products, lumber(timber) for construction or converted into energy as firewood.
  7. Non-timber Forest Products(NFTPs). While timber/wood is of high value, forests have so much more to offer; food, resins, medicines, gum and many others which in their caliber are very valuable products.
  8. Source of jobs and livelihoods. According to Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), more than 1.6 billion people( that’s about 22% of the world population) around the world to some extent depend on forests for their livelihood. Some other 60 million indigenously directly for their entire livelihood and about 10 million employed in Forest management and conservation (there could be an opportunity for you too!)
  9. Prevent floods. Like I said forest soils have great properties and thus can absorb large amount of water(flood) and also the forest structure(roots) can slow the water flow.
  10. Ecotourism. Forests are of high economic value in n this aspect. They are natural areas where low-impact visiting can take place for various reasons while maintaining ecological conservation.
  11. Natural beauty. Forests are a source of human inspiration and enjoyment even from a far. They symbolise nature and life. Asthetically being in a forested area will give you a feeling of peace and tranquility. (Explains why I’m a dendrophile. Story for another day ;)!)

Well to wrap it up, I can’t say that’s all there is to these forests and their ecosystems but with time, we’ll see more of what these features have to offer to us and mama nature!

They are more than just trees, they help our planet breath and to destroy them is to destroy ourselves!

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